How to adjust the operating frequency of the vibrating disk?

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Vibrating disk is an automatic assembly or automatic mechanical auxiliary feeding equipment, referred to as part feeding device. Its goal is to vibrate disordered workpieces in a sequential and orderly manner, accurately sending them to the next process. How does this work?

There is a pulse electromagnet under the vibrating disc funnel, which can make the hopper vibrate in the vertical direction, and the spring plate drives the hopper to twist and vibrate on the vertical axis. The parts in the funnel, under the action of this vibration, rise along the spiral track. After a series of track screening or attitude changes during the lifting process, the parts can automatically enter the assembly or processing position in a uniform state according to the assembly or processing requirements. Using the frequency of the frequency modulation converter to control the working frequency of the oscillator, you can realize the control of the working frequency of the shaking table! When the magnetic coil is working, the inclined surface is subjected to a very small up and down amplitude of the electromagnetic suction, and the working frequency and clearance of the vibrating disk can be adjusted to achieve smooth operation.

Oscillating electromagnet principle: The use of electromagnets to produce alternating magnetic field, vibration part is suspended in front of the electromagnet, when the signal through the electromagnet, it will cause the magnetic field of the electromagnet to change, so that the iron plate vibration sound.

1. The vibrator of the controller is connected with 220V voltage. If the indicator light is not on, please check the orientation of the external fuse of the controller to see if it is blown.

Second, the controller is connected to the 220 voltage, the speed of the rotary switch, the vibration plate speed, gradually faster, so that the vibration plate discharge rate to meet the customer's requirements of the speed of more than 20%, such as voltage instability, when the vibration plate appears fast and slow. The vibration disc can be placed according to the diameter of the vibration disc, such as the workpiece after the explosion is not covered by the shell, immediately add material. Fourth, if the speed control knob is turned in the anti-vibration disk operation, the operation is still unable to walk, please stop immediately and check whether there is a fault. If the chassis does not move, it may be due to the following reasons:

1. There are cracks on the surface of the spring sheet;

2. The bolt is loose.

3. The spring plate needs to be adjusted from scratch. Countermeasure:

1. Replace the spring sheet;

2. Tighten the bolt;

3. Adjust the spring plate. Note: The method of adjusting the spring sheet, each group of spring sheets select any group, slightly loose, check whether the vibration disc has changed, fast need to replace the spring sheet with thin, slow need to replace the spring sheet with thin, slow need to replace the spring sheet with thick, according to this method can adjust the spring sheet to the required speed. 1. The active auxiliary bucket, in order to eliminate the need for special planning, can be actively used as auxiliary materials for the vibration disk, and its discharge can be adjusted more or less the size of the switch. 2. Photoelectric switch, when the feeding track is full, the vibration disk is stopped actively, and the vibration disk is started again when the material is empty. When the material is full, the factory indicator lights up to keep the whole process smooth. 3. Feed control switch, when the vibration plate is not fed, will take the initiative to let the auxiliary material bucket feed to the vibration plate. 4. The linear feeder can connect the vibration disk with the rail gap, so that the feeding is smoother and not easy to be stuck.