China vibrating disk rising star - production a precision technology company

Author:东莞市产一精密科技有限公司 Date:2024-03-23 Reading:

  In recent years, labor costs have risen, and factory automation production has intensified, so there have been many fully automated production workshops, and automation has ensured product quality and made it more standardized. Of course, in today's automated production, vibration disk is an essential tool in automated production.

  Vibrating disk can solve the problem of automatic ordering, orientation and feeding of workpiece in the automation equipment industry. To adapt to the diversity and complexity of transmission work. Mainly used in electronic, electrical, hardware, plastic, toys, medical, food and other industries such as automation industry.

  In the face of automated production to solve this problem, Dongguan rising professional vibration disc manufacturer - production a precision technology Co., Ltd. came into being, to join the automated production, it is a professional engaged in vibration disc, vibration platform, linear feeder, silo and other automation equipment design, research and development, manufacturing, sales as one of the professional companies.


  "Sparrow is small, but complete" Although the production of a vibrating disc is a rising star, but he also has a sound quality system, after-sales service system to meet the needs of customers.

  To this end, the company specially opened 1688 credit pass, specially built a website to solve the problem of automatic ordering, orientation and feeding difficulties of the workpiece in the automation equipment industry, and provide technical guidance and technical support for the vibrating disk! Hope to solve a series of problems for customers.

  Production of a vibration disk, Pearl River Delta, Dongguan professional vibration disk R & D manufacturer!