How to choose vibrating disc spring, air gap, weight

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How to choose vibrating disc spring, air gap, weight

Mechanical modulation of the feeding system to match the frequency of the grid is a time-consuming task. Different feeder sizes determine different levels of complexity. In addition, a large number of auxiliary tools are needed.

This has more to do with weight, especially when the feed drive system is modified for different feed products or different feed boxes.

Now, in an era that favors flexible automation, this requirement comes with it.

In this case, feeders of different weights must be weighed to weigh the removal container. This is another thing that takes a lot of time and a lot of material. On the ground, we have to make some compromises.

The vibrating disc price is the REOVIBM-FS series of variable frequency vibrating feeder controllers designed to solve this problem, which can be completely independent of the frequency of the input voltage, providing high stability and flexible regulation of the driving frequency for the feeding equipment.

The 0.1 Hz frequency conversion makes it easy to match the drive frequency to the feeding system. Compare and adjust the frequency of the mechanically cumbersome power grid.