The internal structure of the vibrating disk.

Author:东莞市产一精密科技有限公司 Date:2024-03-23 Reading:

What are the main uses of vibrating disks? In the past, many people did not master, but with the development trend of the vibration disc sales market, the requirements at this stage are becoming larger and larger, and the application scope is becoming more and more common, so there are many people who do not master some of the internal structure of the vibration disc, so today and you discuss this problem.

The internal structure of the vibration disc is mainly composed of a curved chassis, a spring plate, a vibrating electromagnetic coil, a speed regulating motor, a vibration disc, a feeding plate, a height baffle, a sorting plate, a feeding trough and a protective cover. Among them, the flat chassis is provided with a shock absorbing rubber plate, the chassis is provided with a skew spring plate seat, the seat is provided with a skew square spring plate, the upper end of the spring plate and the skew spring plate seat under the flat vibration plate are connected and fixed with screws, the bottom of the chassis and the middle of the two spring plates are provided with a vibration electromagnetic coil, the special tool used for feeding the vibration plate is provided with a flat round plate on the top. The inner wall of the plate is provided with a double-layer spiral feeding plate, the inner wall of the plate is provided with a height baffle plate above the feeding plate, the middle and end of the feeding plate are provided with several curved irregular grooves sorting plates, the rear of the sorting plate is provided with a skew spiral phase changing item feeding groove, and the vibration plate above the chassis is provided with a ring protective cover below. When working, just pour the material into the tray, operate the button, the product workpiece in the tray fast automatic screening separation, phase change, sort the output to the machining.

To give each person's product a very convenient feeding method, it can arrange irregular objects in a certain order, but in the whole process of non-standard design, involving non-vibrating disk fixation vibration disk fixation, may be near it, we have encountered more inconvenience in the whole design process than everyone has encountered using this product.

This product introduced to you in detail today is a new and upgraded product. The adjustable vibrating disk support frame can save a lot of time for the application of the vibrating disk in your non-standard design. Whether it is high response or noise reduction, in other words, it is a problem for some other positions to rise. You can try, choose our products into the traditional vibration tray feeding support frame for field application. It is not only beautiful, but also the appearance of the atmosphere is very convenient to adjust. Different sizes of the vibration disk have different heights of integration, different installation height of the site requires you to give the solid model a free download, so that when you choose your product, you only need to import my solid model into your solid model, you can quickly carry out a vibration disk on the material component of the nearby design, can save a lot of time for our design, Stability is no problem. Although we bought the previous product is certainly useless, but our own vibration disk design level is certainly not high enough. In other words, some sound enclosures are slightly low-end, and then the support frame of our vibration disk gives a very simple and beautiful appearance, easy to adjust, bright car paint, fine chrysanthemum milk white and dark blue electrostatic spray, so that the overall appearance level is biased to meet the appearance requirements of high-end mechanical equipment.