Service policy

Production precision service work as a vital part of the quality system, strictly implement the ISO quality system standards and the requirements of the new GMP standards, the user after-sales tracking service, our commitment is: timely processing, never shirk.

Warranty period: From the date of delivery, free warranty for one year

Warranty and maintenance: Within and outside the warranty period after the completion of the project, timely quality warranty is given, so as to be on call at any time to solve the quality problems of the project and equipment.

Documents: Provide detailed equipment instruction manual, packing list, container quality manual, certificate, for your company to prepare CGMP certification required document sample.

Personnel training: The company's technical engineers train operators and maintenance personnel for users free of charge, and introduce the relevant GMP regulations and verification process requirements, equipment performance, equipment use matters and maintenance points in detail, so that maintenance personnel can carry out daily maintenance of equipment and general fault finding and elimination. Assist users to formulate post responsibility system and safety production system and check the actual operation ability of operators on site to ensure that users can produce correctly and normally.

Acceptance standards and procedures: Equipment acceptance according to the product industry, national standards and requirements commissioning and acceptance.