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  • What are the functions of the vibrating disk?

    Vibration plate conveying function, automatic conveying feeding function is the largest advantage of the vibration plate, first of all, it must be clear that the vibration plate is the use of vibration to complete the conveying of materials. The vibrator is installed under the conveyor line accordin..

  • What is the difference between electromagnetic and piezoelectric vibration discs.

    Using different transmission methods, the applicable environment is different, piezoelectric transmission is suitable for high-speed feed of fine workpiece, electromagnetic is suitable for large workpiece.The electromagnetic oscillator is powered by the electromagnetic vibrator

  • The internal structure of the vibrating disk.

    What are the main uses of vibrating disks? In the past, many people did not master, but with the development trend of the vibration disc sales market, the requirements at this stage are becoming larger and larger, and the application scope is becoming more and more common

  • Flexible vibrating disk

    In today's automated production, there is a type. To meet the requirements of flexible manufacturing for small batch production and rapid conversion, a series of products have been released for flexible vibration disks and visual identification systems for supporting facilities.

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