What is the difference between electromagnetic and piezoelectric vibration discs.

Author:东莞市产一精密科技有限公司 Date:2024-03-23 Reading:

Using different transmission methods, the applicable environment is different, piezoelectric transmission is suitable for high-speed feed of fine workpiece, electromagnetic is suitable for large workpiece.

The electromagnetic oscillator is powered by the electromagnetic vibrator, converting electrical energy into mechanical oscillation kinetic energy, and has a pulse electromagnet under the hopper, so that the hopper vibrates in the vertical direction, because of the tilt of multiple groups of spring sheets, so that the hopper does torsional pendulum vibration around the vertical axis. The parts in the funnel, due to vibration, move upward along the helix until they are delivered to the discharge port.

The piezoelectric vibrating disc is a new type of vibrator with piezoelectric ceramics as the driving source. It uses the anti-piezoelectric effect of piezoelectric plate to generate vibration, and acts as the driving source to drive the material trough. Its characteristics are unmatched by traditional vibration feed equipment:

(1) Simple structure, more convenient installation and maintenance;

(2) The piezoelectric plate is used as the driving source, does not need a motor, mechanical transmission, simple structure, easy to manufacture;

(3) no moment of inertia, almost no acceleration, deceleration, starting, stopping, fast reaction speed;

(4) No interference electromagnetic field, and no electromagnetic interference signals;

(5) Low frequency band or ultrasonic segment work, small noise;

(6) Work in resonant or non-resonant state, so the energy consumption is low.

In short, the energy saving degree of the piezoelectric vibration disk is higher than 60% of the electromagnetic type, the two kinds of electromagnetic inverter and voltage regulator, and the energy efficiency of the frequency conversion electromagnetic vibrator is more than 50% energy-saving than the ordinary electromagnetic disk. Now the domestic or widely used electromagnetic vibration disk more, why, the price is relatively low, the application requirements are not high.