What is the specific purpose of the vibrating disk?

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What is the specific purpose of the vibrating disk?

A lot of brothers who have never touched an oscillating disc ask what is an oscillating disc? What functions or uses can oscillating disks have in daily work? The following Xiaobian will tell us.

The most commonly used function of the oscillating disk should be the oscillation disk initiative. Therefore, many times, people also refer to the oscillation plate as the active feeding oscillation plate. They can place goods in designated locations according to certain rules, which is often used in active goods.

The medical oscillating disk has a very powerful function, that is to help our products actively order to meet the next step needs, such as active pick-up or active feeding.

In addition to the active ordering of goods, the oscillating disc can also select some simple goods. For example, choose screws of different standards. However, for more demanding oscillating disks, it is difficult to complete. We can consider making a custom machine.

Generating a vibrating disk magnetic field.

Vibration disk generation mode can be divided into permanent magnet type and excitation type. Permanent magnet type constant magnetic field is produced by permanent magnetic steel, at present, the structure is only suitable for small vibration plates, because large magnetic steel is difficult to produce.

The current generation mode of vibratory disk drive coil includes direct mode and induction mode. Direct mode is to add the current output of the amplifier directly to the drive coil, which is the mainstream of the vibration disk. Induction mode is to input AC current into a fixed coil, and then through induction mode to generate a current in the driven coil. The drive coil of the induction vibration disk does not need to lead to the cable, and the structure is simple, but the efficiency of the vibration disk is relatively low.