Flexible vibrating disk

Author:东莞市产一精密科技有限公司 Date:2024-03-23 Reading:

In today's automated production, there is a type. To meet the requirements of flexible manufacturing for small batch production and rapid conversion, a series of products have been released for flexible vibration disks and visual identification systems for supporting facilities. It combines the feed technology of a flexible vibrating disk. The feed technology of visual identification system and the flexible visual effect feed system software of intelligent robot feed are more and more applied to the application fields which are troubled by the traditional vibration disk feed, such as the surface coating is afraid of scratches, sheet parts, shaped parts, etc. It can replace simple, repeatable tasks that many people carry out, such as arranging dishes. It can be widely used in automotive electronic products, injection molding, 3C production jewelry, clock and other fields of automation technology.

The self-developed multi-direction vibration feeding technology can promote the parts to move and rotate on the stock plate of the flexible vibration plate; By using the program interface, the vibration frequency and time can be adjusted quickly to obtain the appropriate sorting time of commodity selection. In general, the main parameters of the equipped goods are not easy to exceed 5 minutes.

1. Suitable for most geometric parts :99% of the parts can be fed by flexible vibration feeding system software;

2. Flexible tool parts: According to the independently developed and designed flexible vibration feeding technology, it can move 11 motion modes. Rotation, no need for repeated transportation, small damage to parts, the disk can be quickly disassembled and cleaned;

3. High reliability and durability: according to the excellent frequency linear fitting resonance technology, there is no other power device;

4. Accurate positioning: According to the integrated adjustable LED backlight, parts can be accurately detected and taken;

5. Quickly and accurately assist the accurate positioning of parts: according to the personalized customized vibration disk of parts (holes, nests, teeth, raw materials), parts can be quickly crawled by vibration;

6. Rapid replacement of manufacturing: no need to replace the structure hardware configuration, comply with the current industrial control automation manufacturing small and medium-sized mass production. Various flexible manufacturing requirements;

7. Easy to integrate. Easy to equip: the feeder of various main parameters is easy to equip, and the page is personalized.