What are the functions of the vibrating disk?

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The vibrating disk has three functions: automatic conveying, sorting and screening.

Vibration plate conveying function, automatic conveying feeding function is the largest advantage of the vibration plate, first of all, it must be clear that the vibration plate is the use of vibration to complete the conveying of materials. The vibrator is installed under the conveyor line according to the conveyor direction, the vibrator transmits directional vibration according to the direction of the conveyor line set by us, the forward vibration power of the conveyor line is transmitted to the material, accelerating the material movement, the material movement direction is the same as the conveyor line, when the conveyor line vibrates backward, the material is affected by inertia, will continue to move forward, and repeatedly achieve the material transportation. That is, by setting an Angle to make the material jump in the direction of the track, the vibration transmission can be balanced.


The internal structure of the vibration disc is mainly composed of a curved chassis, a spring plate, a vibration coil, a governor, a vibration disc, a material plate, a loading plate, a height baffle, a sorting plate, a discharge groove and a protective cover. The tool used for feeding the vibrating plate is to install a flat round plate, the inner wall of the plate is provided with a multi-layer spiral plate, the upper wall of the plate and the inner wall of the plate are provided with a height baffle, and the road and end of the feeding plate are provided with a plurality of curved irregular tooth slot sorting plates. A inclined helical reversing directional discharge chute is arranged behind the sorting plate, and a circular protective cover is arranged under the vibration plate above the chassis.

The working principle of the vibrating disk.

Dongguan vibration disk Precision vibration disk hardware vibration plate vibration plate by experienced professional suppliers specially designed and manufactured. Do not directly engage in the design and manufacturing of vibration disk, just understand its basic structure, working principle, ordering method and use maintenance points. To understand how a vibrating disk works, you must clearly understand the following two issues:

1. Why can the vibrating disk continuously and automatically transport the workpiece from the bottom of the hopper?

2. The attitude direction of the workpiece at the bottom of the hopper is confused. Why is the workpiece automatically transported in the specified direction?

The above two problems are actually the two basic functions of the vibration disk, namely the automatic feeding function and the automatic orientation function. The following describes how the vibrating disk achieves these two basic functions, that is, the working principle of the vibrating disk.

Second, vibration disk structure.

The actual vibration disk structure is different from the above mechanical model, the actual vibration disk structure is inverted conical or cylindrical hopper structure.

1. Vibration disc with inverted cone bucket: Vibration disc with inverted cone bucket is generally used for complex shapes. After the workpiece is selected and adjusted in multiple directions, it can be sent in the required direction, so the workpiece must go through a longer path, so the inverted cone bucket is to effectively increase the walking path of the workpiece. The workpiece range used by the vibration disk is very wide, the diameter of the hopper is generally 300-700mm, the more complex the shape of the workpiece, the larger the diameter of the hopper.

Hopper diameter up to 1-2m, in some special occasions. Inverted cone hopper is generally made of stainless steel plate or cast aluminum alloy. Because of its long directional track, sufficient feed and fast discharge speed, it is suitable for high-speed feed of workpieces.

2. Cylindrical vibration disc: Vibration disc with cylindrical hopper is generally used for screws, nuts, rivets, switches or relay industry silver contacts and other simple shape, regular size of small workpieces. The workpiece shape is simple, the orientation is convenient, the walking path is short, the hopper diameter is generally small, about 100-300mm. This hopper, together with its inner spiral track, is generally machined directly by CNC machine tools. Cast aluminum alloys are commonly used as materials and have low manufacturing costs.

3. Main structural components: Vibration disc is mainly composed of base, shock pad, plate spring, electromagnet, hopper, spiral rail and positioning mechanism, conveyor groove and controller.